Entrepreneurs behind start-up businesses have plenty on their plate as they launch their new products and services. They need to be on top of product/service and industry developments, have a full understanding of their customer base and market, know about the competition and continually stay abreast of business technologies and industry news that may affect their company. 

With all this to be involved with, running an actual office is likely to take a back seat and so it should! 

Making the wrong decision about the costly overheads that come with running an office can cost a small business owner their dreams especially in the early days when trying to build turnover and profit. Long-term rental agreements, office outfitting costs and other office overheads such as utilities and technology are a big commitment for small businesses. Additionally, these day to day details of running a small business can sap the entrepreneur’s focus and energy that they should be ploughing into running their business.

The benefits of a virtual office

In the early days, start-ups don’t necessarily need an actual office and instead need a more flexible solution that responds, in real-time, to their constantly changing needs. A virtual office is perfect for new startups as they offer all the pros of the traditional office without the pitfalls. 

Here are the benefits of a virtual office:

  • They’re affordable

Virtual offices have an affordable monthly fee and there are no costly property leases to get tied into and no expensive capital outlay. Workhub’s Virtual Plans range from 19 to 69 a month. All include a prestigious Dublin mailing address that adds credibility to your company and are realistically priced depending on what level of service you require. Click here for details of our Virtual Plans. 

  • They’re flexible 

Virtual plans are flexible and it is easy to cancel them once they are no longer required.  The monthly terms are flexible and can be customised to suit the business.requirements which understandably evolve and change over time. 

  • Professional image

Virtual plans portray a professional image with the use of prestigious, centrally located addresses that can be used on business cards, websites and marketing material to add credibility. On-site meeting rooms can be used to meet clients or colleagues and there is also an optional call handling service that ensures incoming calls to your business are handled in a personalised and professional manner. 

Click here to view our prestigious Dublin locations. 

  • Networking opportunities

Being a Workhub Virtual Plan member opens up networking opportunities with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Learn from shared-experiences, form new business alliances or even source new clients amongst our extensive Virtual Plan membership base. 

By taking care of all the everyday essentials that businesses need to operate, and providing valuable support services, virtual offices free up entrepreneurs to do what they know best: run their businesses.