Work Hub provides serviced private office space, virtual office services and meeting room rental within Dublin City. We have 4 established locations already and we have just launched our beautiful newly renovated Georgian building – No.13 Adelaide Road.  

We cater for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within Ireland and abroad who require private office space within Dublin or a virtual office with the benefit of a Dublin business mail address.

The business sector in Ireland is showing trends of rapid increase which is resulting in booming prices for office space. Work Hubs’s serviced private office space is extremely affordable in comparison and is available with flexible terms and conditions. From owning my own SME, I understand the pressures of trying to find an affordable office space with a short-medium term lease. Getting any value can see you locked into 10-year contracts. Not only is this daunting for SMEs due to the huge long-term commitment, but they may also outgrow the space sooner than they anticipate.  

Work Hub also caters for individuals and SMEs that work virtually and don’t need office space but still want a prestigious mailing address to impress clients. Our Virtual Office Plans additionally offer a dedicated telephone number, a PA to answer calls and the use of our meeting rooms. Virtual Office Plan prices start at €19 per month on a 30-day rolling contract to offer flexibility. 

Work Hub has found a gap in the market. We understand that SMEs are growing and we want to grow with them. We know that short-term and flexible leases are needed as well as virtual office solutions and we will accommodate this demand. We also know that budget constraints for startups can act as barriers.

We not only want to facilitate your success, but we also want to welcome you into our community. We want you to network with our other clients, we want to encourage innovation and creativity among businesses and industries.

We encourage you to explore our brand new website –