What are Virtual Offices?

The use of a virtual office is an increasingly popular trend for businesses and individuals looking for an office to rent in Dublin city centre. 

In today’s technologically advanced and connected world, it is now common practice for people to work virtually from home instead of working in a traditional physical office.  There is less need for people to be sat together in their expensive Dublin office space as they can easily work together remotely and still stay connected with the use of communications tools such as Skype, Slack and Google Hangouts to name just a few. For some companies, however, there is still a requirement a prestigious Dublin mailing address and meeting facilities.  A virtual office with access to a meeting room as required in a prestigious location could be the solution.

A virtual office is a workspace that can be rented to give you the use of a physical mailing address, a local telephone number, a receptionist and even meeting room facilities. It is a serviced office, that enables a business to have a presence in a desirable location without the high rental costs of having actual space. 

If you are looking for an office to rent in Dublin, then read on to find out how having access to a virtual Dublin office space could benefit your business. 

Benefits of a virtual office

  • Creates a positive impression

Having a physical business mailing address and a local telephone number helps a business appear more established and professional. With a professional virtual receptionist to answer calls using your company’s name and access to high-quality meeting rooms, and you have all you need to create a positive impression with your clients. 

  • Keeps costs down

The cost of physical office space in Dublin has rocketed in recent years and it is becoming an unrealistic option for many individuals, startups and small-medium sized businesses (SMEs).  A virtual office is the best cost-effective alternative. 

  • Flexibility

Unlike many Dublin office space options, a virtual office doesn’t require a long-term commitment. It is a great option for startups and SMEs who need a flexible solution in the short to medium term whilst their businesses grow. 

Who could benefit from using a virtual office in Dublin? 

A virtual office can be used by any individual or business looking for a professional presence in a prestigious Dublin location. Here are some more specific examples: 

  • Businesses in image-driven industries: A virtual office solution opens up a wider range of affordable options for businesses in industries where image and professionalism are key. 


  • Businesses entering a new market territory: When a business enters a new market territory, they may need a temporary office solution in the new location until a permanent presence is required


  • Businesses or individuals working on temporary locally-based projects: Again a short-term solution may be required when a business is working temporarily with a client in the area. 


  • Freelancers: Whether working from home or out of a client’s office, freelancers can benefit from having their own business identity and the use of a professional mailing address and telephone number for business cards and marketing collateral. This also helps when trying to secure new clients. 


  • Sales teams: Actual office space may not be needed for sales teams travelling frequently between prospective clients, but the use of meeting rooms and a virtual receptionist could prove invaluable. 


In conclusion, a virtual office is an affordable alternative for individuals and businesses looking for an office to rent in Dublin. Click here to find out about Workhub’s virtual office services in some of Dublin’s most desirable areas.