The trend of working from home has grown immensely in the last decade and it is becoming more and more prevalent as the world becomes technologically connected. There is less need to work in a physical office sat with colleagues and it has become just as easy to connect and carry out work with remote working teams and even whole businesses sat in different locations. 

But working from home does have its drawbacks and limitations and that’s where a virtual office plan can help.

Here’s a summary of the benefits of using a virtual office such as those offered by WorkHub. 

  • A professional image 

Having a physical business mailing address in a known prestigious business area as well as a local telephone number helps a business appear more established and professional. A virtual office can also provide the service of a virtual receptionist to answer your calls in your company’s name. 

  • Somewhere formal to meet clients

Homeworkers still need to meet clients and colleagues from time to time. Instead of meeting at a noisy coffee shop or restaurant, with a WorkHub virtual office plan, members can use the top quality meeting rooms located at the prestigious Dublin office address of their choice. 

  • Keeps costs down

The cost of physical office space in Dublin has rocketed in recent years and it is becoming an unrealistic option for many individuals, startups and businesses.  A virtual office is a great cost-effective alternative. 

  • Flexibility

A WorkHub virtual office doesn’t require a long-term commitment and there is no long term lease requirement like there is when renting a physical office. It is a great option for startups and SMEs who need a flexible solution especially in the short to medium term whilst their businesses grow. 

Virtual offices can benefit any individual, team or business who need a physical presence in a good location without being there in person. WorkHub’s Virtual Plans are already used by individual freelancers, small Irish and overseas businesses as well as sales teams who need a physical location to meet when in Dublin. 

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