Co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular for freelancers, remote employees and small businesses alike, who want somewhere to work from but don’t necessarily need to rent their own office space. 

What is a co-working space or environment? 

A co-working space is a place where you can go on a daily basis to work from –  either at a random desk each time or sometimes a fixed one. There is an internet connection and facilities such as coffee machines and kitchens, meeting rooms and most importantly; other like-minded people. It provides individuals or small teams with office facilities that are shared. 

The benefits of using a co-working space

  • Separate your work life from your home life 

Working from home has many distractions and doesn’t suit everyone. Family, pets and chores are just some of the things that can cause regular distractions at home and take several hours out of your working day. Separating work life from home life can help motivate you, improve your quality of life and even help make your home life a more happy one. 

  • Feel more socially connected

The workplace is a great place to meet new people and many people miss the social aspect of working in an office once they start working from home. Co-working spaces provide people with the opportunity to meet new people and is a great environment to mingle and share tips and ideas with people who work in the same industry or within a completely different industry. 

  • Build a network 

Co-working provides the opportunity to network with other likeminded co-workers which can create business opportunities, help find business partners as well as the best suppliers. It provides the opportunity to bounce ideas off other people working around you and can motivate and energise you when needed. 

  • Create a good impression 

First impressions count. It isn’t always practical to meet potential clients, suppliers or fellow workers in a coffee shop. Most co-working spaces have access to meeting rooms that can be booked on an ad-hoc basis, providing a professional and comfortable location for meetings and conferences. 

  • Lower rental costs and increased flexibility

If you have decided that working from home definitely isn’t working for you and you are looking for office space, then a co-working space is a cost-effective alternative to getting your own office. If it is just yourself or a small team, then paying expensive rental costs can be avoided. Renting shared office space instead can save you significant costs and avoid tying you into a long-term lease. With co-working spaces, you can usually rent space for a shorter period of time – a few weeks or months only. In conclusion, it is likely that co-working environments will continue to grow in popularity as they are a cost-effective alternative to working from home and also as an alternative to having to rent expensive offices on long-term leases. 


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