Working in a central city location has many benefits. From the excitement of the hustle and bustle of city life to easier commuting and better networking opportunities, we look at some of the reasons why city centre working is still a popular choice for Small to Medium Businesses (SMEs) in Ireland.  

  • Positive worker energy

People working in a busy central location create a certain energy and buzz which is hard to explain. The atmosphere and energy in central city offices can help with hiring, networking and staying competitive. Millennials and young professionals, in particular, are attracted to working in central city offices.

  • Good connections

Working in the middle of a busy city makes it easier to meet and network with other entrepreneurs more frequently. Having a dedicated office means you can easily host meetings to stay connected. If you are a virtual worker, you can still benefit from a central office location with a Virtual Plan which gives you access to bookable meeting rooms and workspace when you are in the city and need somewhere to meet or work. Click here for our range of affordable Virtual Plans. 

  • An easy commute

Access to public transport networks such as trains, buses and trams make it easy to commute to central city office locations without needing a car. It also makes it easier for clients to visit you at your offices, compared with being in a more remote location. 

  • Easy access to amenities 

Being close to food outlets, nightlife and other forms of entertainment can help build a company culture as it is easy to socialise with colleagues and clients after work without having to travel or carry out too much organisation.

  • More brand exposure

Your business name, logo and image will be seen by more people if you are in a central location with lots of people out and about near your offices. If you are in a shared office space, it is a good opportunity to tell other like-minded business people about what you do. This could create partnership opportunities, bring in new clients and help with recruitment. 

City centre offices are known to be more expensive than offices in the outskirts. WorkHub recognizes this issue and addresses it by offering affordable and flexible leases for its office space in some of Dublin’s best locations. Click here for current office space availability or view our Virtual Plans if you need somewhere to base yourselves on an occasional basis.