An Easier Time. 

Let’s go back to a time that was much simpler. Hundreds of thousands of years ago as hunter gatherers. We had two goals- Find food and repopulate.

Along the evolutionary chain things have become a lot more complicated. We have devices in our pockets more powerful than the technology that sent us to the moon. We have millions of ads every single day influencing our lives.

But  we still have the same brain from all those years ago Modern work is overwhelming.. Thousands of emails to process, meetings upon meetings. 

On top of that there’s life- Kids, bills and everything else. . And how are we coping with all of this. 1 in 6 suffer with mental health, nearly 50% complain of stress in the workplace. 

It’s completely normal for the brain to feel this way but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer. Here are five ways to help improve stress in life and work.

    1.- Focus on one thing at a time

The modern workplace can disrupt any flow in the workplace making us feel overwhelmed and stressed. We try to do too many things at once. Sending emails as you drive at as you talk on the phone as you do make up on the motorway, all while updating our social media accounts. 

This constant distraction leaves us overwhelmed and fried. To help overcome this, Focus on one thing at a time. Tackle your emails in bulk at specific times. When carrying out meetings, focus on those. Give your brain one thing to focus on at a time.

    2.- Close out your day

For a lot of people, work can be accomplished from our houses with the advent of virtual offices. This however creates a huge problem. We never really switch off from work. 

We find ourselves constantly on, whether it’s dealing with emails or the fallout from the previous day.

To end this mental torture, you need to give yourself a work deadline each day. Choose a time where you write out 3-10 things that need to be done tomorrow and shut off the rest of your day. 

    3.- Complete a Brain Dump

Think of the thousand things that cross your mind everyday that need to be done. Get the dishwasher fixed, email that lead, pay that bill. Unless these thoughts are processed your brain can feel like there’s a huge traffic jam of stress and anxiety. To help unwind stress, grab a sheet of paper and write down everything that needs to be done.. Purging your thoughts will feel liberating.

    4.-  Go for a walk. 

It’s shown again and again walking has incredible benefits both your physical and mental health. Walking in green areas with lots of trees and grass has shown to decrease stress, unwind anxiety and even boost creativity. Nobody ever feels bad after a walk. Look at your day each morning and schedule 20 minutes to walk around the area. Your brain will thank you for it. 

    5.- Start your day productively.

When you start the day productively you build confidence to tackle more instead of dragging your heels through the day. 

Instead of starting the day dragging yourself straight out of bed and into your car, start of completing a task you aren’t too enthused about. Let the dog out in the cold, go for that walk, start your first task of the day. 

Get On Top of Stress before it Buries You 

As modern society becomes busier and busier, there’s only going to be one guarantee. Our lives are going to become more stressful. Work isn’t going away anytime soon.

So give yourself a chance to tackle stress head on. Focus on one thing at a time, stop bringing work home with you, brain dump it all on paper, go for a walk and then start your next day well. 

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