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FAQ’s for Virtual Offices
What is a virtual office?
A virtual office gives businesses and individual workers the use of a prestigious mailing address and office-related services such as mail handling services and use of meeting rooms on the premises, without having to actually rent the premises themselves.
How long does it take to set up a virtual office?
Once you have filled out the simple online form and billing details, sent through your request documents (proof of ID and proof of address) you will have instant use of your chosen plan.
How quickly can I use my virtual office address?
Your chosen office address can be used immediately for business correspondence and marketing purposes. The address can be used for business registration with CRO.
How do I pay for my virtual office?
When you sign up for a virtual plan, you will be asked to input your card details. You will pay the first month of the plan immediately. Thereafter, your card will be charged the monthly amount.
How do I book a meeting room?
You can book a meeting room online via our website. We strongly advise that you book rooms in advance and to please cancel them in advance if they are no longer needed.
Can I use a meeting room that is not in the building I have as my address?
Yes, you can book a meeting room at two of our Dublin locations:

Camden Street (Dublin 2)
Sandyford (Dublin 18)
Which documents do I need to set up a virtual office?
Proof of ID (passport/driving licence) & Proof of address (recent bank statement/utility bill) – a photo taken on your phone of either is fine; please email them after sign up to or upload them to your file box in your log in area.
Can I register my company to one of your Irish addresses?
Yes, you can use one of our Dublin based Irish addresses as your registered business address. This is one of the main advantages of signing up to a Virtual Plan.
What addresses are available for virtual office use?
There are 3 Dublin addresses to choose from:

Adelaide Road (Dublin 2)
Camden Street (Dublin 2)
Bracken Road (Dublin 18)
Can this address be used to register my business with CRO?
Yes you can use your chosen address to register your business with CRO. All mail will be scanned and emailed to you or forwarded to you (with a 30% handling fee). You can also arrange to collect your mail.
Do your plans include mail handling?
Yes all virtual plans include mail handling which includes scanning mail and emailing it to you as well as collection. Mail can be forwarded to you (with a 30% handling fee). All mail is kept safe and secure.
Can I collect my mail?
Yes, you can collect your mail from the building you are registered with within business hours.
How do I cancel my virtual office membership?
You can cancel your virtual office plan at any time by sending an email to
How do I retrieve a package I have ordered to my virtual office address?
You can collect your package from the building you are registered with. We will email or call you to inform you when a package is ready for collection and you can then make an appointment to collect your mail. Alternatively, we can forward the package on to you – you will be required to pay the postage and a 30% handling fee.
How do I change my plan?
You can email us at if you would like to change your plan type.
Do you offer a call-answering service?
We do not offer a call answering service directly but we can highly recommend our partners and Kendlebell for this service – please contact us for more information
Can I not just use my home address?
Yes, you can use your home address as your company’s registered office if you wish and don’t mind this becoming public information. This is why we would recommend registering your company to a virtual address to avoid your private information becoming public.
Are you a Registered Office Agent?
No we are not a Registered Office Agent, so when you are filling our your CRO form please ensure that this section if left unticked.
We can assure you that your registration will go through.
Can I register as an individual or before I have set up a company?
Yes, many of our clients purchase their registered business address ahead of setting up their business.
You can also register for a virtual office address if you don’t have a business and need the use of it as an individual.


FAQ’s for Onsite Offices
Where are we located?
We have office space to rent (depending on availability) at the following Dublin locations:

Adelaide Road (Dublin 2)
Camden Street (Dublin 2)
Sandyford (Dublin 18)
Ranelagh Main Street (Dublin 6)
Baggot Street Lower (Dublin 2)
Amiens Street (Dublin 1)
Where can I see which offices are available?
Our website is kept up to date with availability.
How do I arrange a viewing?
To arrange a viewing, click on the ‘Arrange a Viewing’ button for the office space you are interested in and fill out your contact details. We will contact you straight back. Alternatively, you can contact us on:
Tel IRL: +353 15566512,
Tel UK: +44 2034811262,
Can I book a meeting room without renting an office?
Yes, our meeting rooms are available to book for anyone needing ad hoc meeting space.
Do you offer event space?
Yes, In our Sandyford location we have a modern kitchen and event space which can be rented out to a capacity of 60 people. Perfect for cooking demonstrations, guest speakers and team get-to-togethers. Tables, chairs and catering all available. Get in touch for more information.
Where are the meeting rooms?
We have meeting rooms at the following locations:

Camden Street (Dublin 2)
Sandyford (Dublin 18)
How do I book a hot desk?
You can purchase our ‘Virtual Desk Plan’ which allows you 8 hours use of a hot desk per month or alternatively get in touch with us and we will let you know if we have any available hot desks for rent right away.
Do you offer a private mailbox?
Yes we do, please email if you are interested in this service.
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